Friday, September 16, 2011

HOLA 1.25 am, with Mr Daddy on my right and Ms Princess on my left, both sleeping soundly. Me, on the other hand, trying to write a short introductory post on my new blog. Well I've been always wanting to write again but have found no (suitable) time to let my fingers run on the keyboards - after office hours, that is. Perhaps I should blog at the wee hours, just like NOW?? Kan??... BUUUTTTTTT.... maybe I can start tomorrow??? (this is me procrastinating, hihi)..

I need my beauty sleep, KATENYE!!!! Hahahaha poyo tak? Ermmmm, tapi the thing is, beautiful ke I ni? Untuk soalan cepu-cemas camni, I should let my Mr Daddy to answer it. Because I just can't take the risk of getting the wrong answer from other people. Huahuahua....



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